Harford County Right to Life Provides Support for Those Seeking an Abortion or Those Who Have Had an Abortion and To Give a Voice to Society's Most Vulnerable and Innocent Victims.
Harford County Right to Life values life from fertilization through natural death giving a voice to society's most vulnerable through educating the public and participating in our legislative process

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The Mission and Work of
Harford County Right to Life


  • To educate about the value of life, from fertilization through natural death;
  • To educate and inform about the options and resources available, public and private, when one is making life-related decisions; and
  • To give voice to society’s most vulnerable, through legal and effective participation in our government’s legislative process.

Our Work

HCRTL believes in caring for both the mother and child involved in an unexpected pregnancy. Our goal is to educate and inform a mother (and others involved) on viable options that are available to her when deciding her future and the future of her child.

Today, a newly pregnant mother has many options, and the task of sorting through those may seem overwhelming. We do not believe that if a pregnancy is unexpected--or even unwelcome--a mother should have to choose to end the life of her child. To the contrary, there are many options that deserve consideration and reflection.

There are over 3,000 “mother-to-be" help centers in the United States available to provide medical care, food, housing, child care (while you work or attend classes), and, in some areas, job skills training. HCRTL will help you learn about these options and alternatives to ending the life of your child.


President ~ Bob Brown  BBrown@MDRTL.org
Vice President ~ Leigh Heller (Chapter Co-Founder)
Treasurer ~ Susan Chamberlain
Secretary ~ Jacquelin Taccone