Harford County Right to Life Provides Support for Those Seeking an Abortion or Those Who Have Had an Abortion and To Give a Voice to Society's Most Vulnerable and Innocent Victims.
Harford County Right to Life values life from fertilization through natural death giving a voice to society's most vulnerable through educating the public and participating in our legislative process

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Legislative and Political Issues

As part of our effort to educate, we provide a range of resources and information for you to use in addressing political and societal issues concerning abortion.

Date Resource/Title Synopsis Link
Mar 2009 FOCA Alert FOCA would wipe away all restrictions on abortion nationwide. Read
Feb 2009 Ultrasound Bill Read the bill (SB 195), which would merely require abortionists to offer an ultrasound, that was killed in committee--and which Senators voted for and against it.


2005-04 Cloning Letter From Doctors What do doctors say about the pending cloning legislation? Read this letter to find out. Read
2005-02 Cloning Survey Poll Results 625 registered voters interviewed statewide January 18-20, 2005 by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. Margin for error is plus or minus 4%. Read
2005-02 Stem cell Cloning Glossary Defining the terms. Read
2005-02 Is there any moral difference between “therapeutic cloning” and “reproductive cloning”? Frankly, no. The noun (cloning) tells us what is done; the adjective (therapeutic or reproductive) suggests the hopes or motives of the doer or advocate. Although the terminology sounds different, I am convinced that these descriptions are employed only to deflect criticism and confuse public discussion. Read
2005-02 The Legend of the 400,000 Embryos That there are 400,000 frozen human embryos that could provide a potentially unlimited supply of stem cells has become a truism of the stem cell debate. Indeed, in recent letters to President Bush, members of both the House and Senate explicitly refer to these 400,000 frozen embryos in urging the administration to change its current policy on embryonic stem cell research (ESCR). Read
2005-02 The Impact of Human Cloning on Women We are deeply concerned about issues that concern women's health and dignity. These issues should be at the forefront of the formulation and implementation of all cloning policies and regulations. Cloning involves serious health concerns for women and we support legislation that upholds these concerns to protect the lives, rights, and dignity of women. Read
2005-02 Where Will They Get the Eggs? Cloning advocates argue that they must be allowed to legally clone human embryos in order to overcome the tissue rejection problem [that might arise from therapies derived from unmatched embryonic stem cells Read
2005-02 Current Stem Cell Treatments:
Adult Stem Cells v. Embryonic Stem Cells
Which is more successful? Read
2005-02 Real-World Successes of Adult Stem Cell Treatments With increasing frequency, American citizens and others from around the globe are experiencing newfound freedom from disease, affliction, and infirmity. Individuals' lives are forever changed with the strengthened faith and renewed hope that arise from healed bodies and physical restoration. Read
2005-02 Human Cloning and Embryo Research:  No Road to Biotechnology Growth Legislators in many states are being urged to pass legislation promoting human embryo research and even human cloning for research purposes to ensure that their states maintain progress and profits in the field of biotechnology. Read
2005-02 Domestic Violence During Pregnancy: Fact Sheet   Read
2005-02 Battle brewing in Maryland over funding for stem-cell research Results of a new poll released Feb. 7 show that the vast majority of Marylanders oppose human cloning for stem-cell research and that they oppose state sanctioning of the destruction of human embryos. Read
2005-10 Pro-life Movement Faces Opportunities,
Challenges in New Congress.
Congressional update from the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) Read
2004-10 One Victim or Two? The Unborn Victims of Violence Act (S. 1019) would recognize as a legal victim an unborn child who is injured or killed during commission of a federal crime against the baby’s mother. Read
2004-10 Keep up With Your Officials National Right to Life has an interface that lets you search for your local, state and federal officials and get a wide range of data about their activities and voting records. Read