Harford County Right to Life Provides Support for Those Seeking an Abortion or Those Who Have Had an Abortion and To Give a Voice to Society's Most Vulnerable and Innocent Victims.
Harford County Right to Life values life from fertilization through natural death giving a voice to society's most vulnerable through educating the public and participating in our legislative process

If you are considering an abortion or have had one, please visit our companion web site,

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Resources: Books and Publications

The following is a list of resources you can “check out” from the our library

Cassette Tapes

  • "From Tears to Triumph" examines the aftermath of an abortion.
  • "When They Say . . . You Say . . . " provides some points to talk about when discussing the issues surrounding abortion with someone who has questions and/or an opposing viewpoint.
  • Other cassettes on loan are "Religious Outreach: Establishing a Pro-Life Presence in Community Churches" and "Human Cloning: Anti-Life Threat of the New Century."


  • "A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue" by R.C. Sproul, and "Teens and Sex" by Molly Kelly.


  • "Abortion, the Bible, and the Church" by T. J. Bosgra;
  • "Back to the Drawing Board" by Teresa Wagner;
  • "No One Told Me I Could Cry - A Teen’s Guide to Hope and Healing after Abortion" by Connie Nykiel;
  • "Sanctity of Life - The Inescapable Issue" by Charles Swindoll;
  • "Pro-Life 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Case Persuasively" by Scott Klusendorf;
  • "Addressing Abortion With Confidence" by Father Frank A. Pavone; and
  • "The Church and Politics: Are We As Restricted As We Think?" (This is a legal symposium recommended for clergy and attorneys.
  • Abortion & the Conscience of the Nation" by Ronald Reagan.

Group Talks

HCRTL can come and address groups on topics such as abortion, teen abortion, cloning and stem cell research, legislation, and post abortion syndrome. A group can be as small as 2 to 3 people. Call HCRTL President Leigh Heller to schedule a date.