Harford County Right to Life Provides Support for Those Seeking an Abortion or Those Who Have Had an Abortion and To Give a Voice to Society's Most Vulnerable and Innocent Victims.
Harford County Right to Life values life from fertilization through natural death giving a voice to society's most vulnerable through educating the public and participating in our legislative process

If you are considering an abortion or have had one, please visit our companion web site,

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Welcome to Harford County's Source for Pro-Life Issues

If you are considering an abortion or have had one, please visit our companion site, abortioneducation.com. Click here for the site.

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Serving Harford, Cecil, and Baltimore Counties in Maryland.

HCRTL’s goals are to educate and to participate.

We educate our members and the broader public on the right to life of unborn children and on other sanctity of life issues. We do this by hosting featured speakers, sponsoring booths at fairs, and publishing newsletters.

This website is designed to be a resource for pro-lifers who want to educate themselves on “life issues.” Pro-lifers can, in turn, refer women in crises or other persons with questions to this site, confident that it will be a compassionate source of information presented in a non-confrontational manner.

Additionally, we participate in the legislative process by voting for candidates who hold life at any stage and condition to be precious and worthy of protection, and by writing to encourage our legislators to take pro-life positions on bills that are before the House or Senate.

We hope that you will use this website to stay current with HCRTL’s efforts in Maryland and to learn about what’s going on within the pro-life movement around the country. You will also find opportunities to participate with us, through email and letter campaigns, membership activities, and donations.

For their lives,

Bob Brown
Harford County Right to Life